Barnett will fight fire with fire if Yvel gets dirty

It was an isolated incident that we simply don't understand. Affliction's Tom Atencio said Gilbert Yvel's reputation for being a dirty fighter isn't fair. Yvel's license for his fight against Josh Barnett is on hold just 15 days before the fight. Why you ask? Yvel has prior incidents in 2002 and 2004 of putting his hands on a referee. The 2004 assault was pretty heinous.

Josh Barnett was asked during the Affliction teleconference how he would react to Yvel if he went to his bag of tricks.

Barnett said it depended on the severity of Yvel's actions:

"If somebody tried to bit one of my fingers off or gouge my eyes, then I'll probably lose my cool and try to maim him for life."

Click below to hear Barnett and Atencio discuss the Yvel topic with a "media" member:

It was announced earlier this week that California will consider Yvel's application for a license. If he is denied, Atencio said that Affliction has some backup options lined up. Should Yvel be forgiven for this 2004 incident or does he deserve a lifetime ban in the U.S.?

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