Bad economy sign No. 786 ... Russian speaking fighter does 50-minute radio interview

You may think Affliction is in real trouble trying to sell $44.99 pay-per-view sandwiched between two UFC cards during a horribly weak economy. There is a positive side to the nation's money struggles for Affliction, media companies are basically giving away their advertising right now.

It's made no more clear than by hearing the interview spot Affliction landed yesterday on XM Radio. The Opie and Anthony Show have been doing commercial reads for this Saturday's Affliction 2 event for the last two weeks and yesterday they showed you can pretty much buy anything at the right price even if it means putting a Russian speaking fighter and his translator on a straight talk show, and keeping them around for 50 minutes!

I like Fedor as much as anyone but I can't imagine what a local Las Vegas audience would do if it were forced to listen a non-English speaking Russian being interviewed for close to an hour.

That said, those who do enjoy mixed martial arts probably loved the conversation. The O & A Show is one of the best in the country and two of their cast members Jim Norton and Patrice are developing into MMA savants. It sounds like they got the very stoic Fedor to laugh often during the interview.

He was asked who the best fighters in the world are:

"Frank Mir, Andrei Arlovski and Tim Sylvia, those are guys in the top five, top 10," Fedor said through his interpreter before the hosts moved onto a question about Rocky IV.

But Fedor wasn't done with his list:

"I wanted to list Brock Lesnar but you guys cut me off"

Click below to hear a portion of Fedor's interview with O & A (XM Radio -- NSFW):

At that point Norton, in a frightened tone, apologized and asked who cut him off. Fedor also mentioned that he does have fears outside the ring. He was then asked if he could choke someone, like Norton, who has no neck. Fedor laughed and said he can choke out anything with a head attached to it.

If you're a hardcore fan, here is the 50-minute entire interview.

Satellite radio isn't the only media outlet that Affliction is flooding with advertising. Have you noticed a lot of Affliction television commercials in your local market? Cox Cable in Las Vegas is pounding away with the Affliction spots. Maybe it's because Las Vegas is traditionally a great PPV market or simply because the cost of commercials has hit rock-bottom.

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