Baczynski, Stone and Boist winners at UFN 25

Maggie Hendricks

At Ultimate Fight Night 25 in New Orleans on Saturday, the preliminary fights featured two submissions and a decision.

Baczynski makes his way back to UFC with submission

Seth Baczynski, who hasn't fought in the UFC since his stint on "The Ultimate Fighter," used impressive striking to control Harvison in the first round, but that striking is what set up his submission win in the second round. Baczynski knocked Harvison to the ground with a beautiful right, then followed him to the ground with more big punches. Harvison rolled to get away from the punches, but gave up his back. Baczynski sunk in a rear naked choke, causing Harvison to tap at 1:12 of the first.

Stone puts Walker to sleep

Ken Stone won with a perfect rear naked choke, sinking it in early, then holding onto Donny Walker until Walker was asleep. The fight was stopped at 2:47 in the first round. That gives Stone his first UFC win, after suffering scary wins to Eddie Wineland and Scott Jorgensen.

Boist takes bloody decision from Riddle
Boist controlled Riddle with good striking followed by smothering grappling in the first round. In the second, Riddle threw a devastating knee that damaged Benoist's nose. Riddle was also able to get a takedown, but Benoist got out and then got a takedown of his own. Benoist's bigger problem was that his nose was apparently broken, then he made the mistake of blowing his nose. Blood poured out as Benoist continued to work from the top position.

Before the third round started, Riddle, covered in Benoist's blood, danced around to get the crowd cheering. He immediately took down Benoist, and controlled him for the rest of the round. That last round was not enough for Riddle, as he won on the judges' cards, 29-28.

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