B.J. Penn surprised to find that people listen when he talks

After B.J. Penn dropped his "I think GSP does steroids" bombshell on Yahoo! Sports' columnist Kevin Iole, Penn was surprised to find out that people would actually want to talk and write about what he had to say.

In this apology video, Penn said he didn't think that Iole would have written so much about the steroid allegations. If that's true, this should be a lesson to all fighters. Don't say something to the media if you don't want it written about!

This isn't the early days of the UFC any more. With increased media attention on the sport, the things that fighters say matters, especially if that fighter wears a championship belt. This doesn't mean that fighters should stop talking to media, because one of the best parts of MMA is that the athletes aren't guarded automatons, spouting out cliches. At the same time, they should remember the words of President Abraham Lincoln.

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

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