B.J. Penn and Sean Sherk play nice for a day

Their relationship has to be one of the nastiest in all of mixed martial arts. Sure B.J. Penn apologized to Sean Sherk after burying him at UFC 84. But does that really erase months of trashing Sherk for not being a legit champ, cheating, a la steroid use. Well for a paycheck and to be company guys, Penn and Sherk actually appeared on a reality television show together without throwing on each other.

The UFC is everywhere now including what looks like a ridiculously bad reality show, Momma's Boys on NBC. UFC president Dana White is featured in the speaking role (shocker!) along with Sherk, Penn and Beantown trainer Mark Della Grotte.

Gotta love Della Grotte, who trains guys like Marcus Davis and Kenny Florian. Take off the Kangol hat, Della Grotte!

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