B.J. Penn, Klingon Warrior

Almost all fighters talk trash, but B.J. Penn has always taken it up a notch. He threatens to lick the blood off his opponents -- and sometimes follows through -- promises pain, and offers to die to win the fight. Now, before his fight with welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre, he said he will slam GSP on his head, and that he is ready to die to beat the Canadian.

Does this sound familiar to any Star Trek fans* out there? "Today is a good day to die!" If this were the 24th century, Penn would be a Klingon warrior, willing to die for the greater glory of the empire. But it's not the 24th century, and he is fighting for a UFC Championship, not for the future of the universe. Ease up on the homicidal talk.

* I will not confirm or deny my Trekkie fan status.