B.J. Penn, Invicta FC and Rousimar Palhares: The Morning News Roundup – 7.28.12

Jim Genia

Other than the announcement from Cesar Gracie that Nick Diaz would like to fight Fedor Emelianenko (or something like that), it seems the Olympics are garnering all the attention, with Quidditch and Battle Royale among today's events (go District 6!  Wahoo!).  But there is some solid MMA news out there, hidden among the headlines and blurbs, and because I like you, I went through the trouble of gathering it in one place for you to read.  You're welcome.

  • B.J. Penn and Rory MacDonald have signed up for the more stringent Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) testing ahead of their UFC 152 meeting.  Remember: athletic commissions already screen fighters for banned substances, so what Penn and MacDonald are doing goes above and beyond what's required.  Bravo, guys.

Penn has been one of the more vocal voices when fighters have failed tests, always insisting his brand of fighting is 100 percent natural.  On September 22 he and MacDonald will be totally clean, confirmed by the VADA.


  • The Invicta Fighting Championships weigh-ins were last night, and everything is a "go" for the all-female MMA card tonight (broadcast for free on their site).  If you tune in, keep an eye on the main event, which features veteran submission specialist Shayna Baszler (who trains under Josh Barnett and once won a bout with a Twister, which is cool beans) taking on undefeated rising star Sara McMann (who won the Silver Medal in Freestyle wrestling in the 2004 Summer Olympics).  Because of her credentials, comparisons have been made between McMann and Strikeforce champ Ronda Rousey - who took the Bronze Medal in judo in the 2008 Summer Olympics - but I say McMann needs a bit more seasoning.  Watch and judge for yourself, though.  I mean, who the heck am I?


  • Rousimar Palhares, a.k.a. "Toquinho", a.k.a. "that crazy guy who tears off legs and will someday go bonkers in the Octagon and have a psychotic break", won't require surgery for that knee injury that forced him out of his UFC 150 bout against Yushin Okami.  Tatame was kind enough to write something in English about it, so props to them. 


That's it for now.  If the stream is solid enough, I will be watching tonight's Invicta FC and tweeting about what I see.  Follow or don't.  It doesn't matter to me.  I'm used to talking to myself.

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