Are you a B.J or a GSP? Your top fighter speaks volumes about you

If you were a submission, what kind of submission would you be? Our friends at Cage Potato do some armchair analysis, breaking down the kind of person you are by the fighter you follow. My favorite:

If your favorite fighter is Fedor Emelianenko ... You’ve been watching MMA for years, and it’s important to you that people know that. You have an extensive collection of ironic t-shirts and Pride DVD’s. You work in the IT department of a moderately-sized company, where you used to feel bad for the people who pester you for help all day because, honestly, how did anyone even get that clueless? Now you despise them and don’t go to very much trouble to hide it.

Definitely head over and read the rest. Hopefully, the CP boys will soon start to analyze the fighters themselves. I'd love to know the psychological meaning behind the middle finger that Nate Diaz showed to Melvin Guillard before the second round in last night's bout.

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