Awful Dana White interview, only 14 cringe-worthy moments

Interviews aren't easy, especially when there's a delay and you're not prepared. Fox Fight Game's Mike Straka found this out when he tried to speak with UFC president Dana White and light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans last week on weigh-in day at UFC 96.

It was actually a coup for Fox because just minutes before White had just been told that his UFC 98 main event with Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir was blown to bits by an injury to Mir. White was stumbling and speechless for a few seconds then dropped the classic line that he'd like to put his head through a wall. That wasn't the only awkward moment of the conversation. In fact it's tough to find moments that weren't uncomfortable. Finally, Straka snaps at the end of the interview.

Watch Straka rip White and Evans for being difficult (0:27 mark):

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Before you go ripping away on poor Straka just know that interviews aren't always easy. We don't know everything that was going on behind the scenes. I did an interview this week on ESPNRadio1100 with comedian Charlie Murphy and also wanted to put my head through a wall. Murphy sounded like he was calling on a lousy cell phone in an underground carwash from Guam. Kidding of course but he wasn't paying attention and everything we threw his way took a big dump. Ultimately, who's fault was it? Mine. I wasn't prepared. It's no different when White and Evans turn into lousy interviews.

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