The awesomest fighter mugshot, ever

You probably haven't heard of Chad Shafer. He is a bantamweight out of the Hardcore Gym in Atlanta, which is also the home of Rory Singer and Brian Bowles. According to the Hardcore Web site, he has a record of 3-1, but on Sherdog's Fight Finder, he has one fight, and it's a loss. Shafer is an average, run-of-the-mill fighter.

His fighting resume is hardly what matters on this particular post. What matters is that he has the coolest fighter picture in the history of cool fight pictures. His face is busted up, his arms are scraped, his thumb is in an immobilizer, and it's quite possible that his nose is broken. I can't tell for sure, but it also looks like he has a hospital identification bracelet on his wrist. Yet, he's smiling, and pointing at the camera. All is well in Shafer's world, because he's a fighter.

After fights, even the winners have busted noses, black eyes and torn up limbs. But as Chad Shafer has shown us, that pain can be overlooked if the fight ends with a win.

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