'The Athlete' too ballsy for his own good

You hear fighters say they'll take the fight wherever it goes. It's a huge error in strategy with most fighters since they generally have a comfort zone. Jason MacDonald's realm is on the ground and working for submissions. He scored an early takendown of Wilson Gouveia but when it got back to the feet quickly, MacDonald decided it was time to box. That's when Gouveia, who is pretty well-rounded, decided it was time to end the fight. Gouveia landed a right that turned MacDonald's head into a crushing left that crumbled the Canadian to the floor. From there, Gouveia landed 12 hammerfists followed by 15 elbows before the referee stepped in 2:18 of the first round.

Gouveia said he plans on staying at middleweight. He dropped down to the 185 class from light heavyweight but he couldn't get any lower than 189 for yesterday's weigh-in.

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