Applying to fight Jose Canseco is a good way to waste $50

Step right up!

Punch the former AL MVP in the face!

Just $50 gets you a shot at Jose Canseco!

Canseco has stooped to a new low. He had his lackies posted at a Ft. Lauderdale Mall for four hours over the weekend "accepting applications" for the right to fight Canseco in June. And of course, the $50 application fee was refundable, right? Fat chance. That's where the sham lies. Sure, it's a joke that Canseco would really take on any clown off the streets but what makes it worse is that there's almost no shot the June 27 fight actually comes off.

Canseco has already accepted an MMA fight that goes down on May 26 at Dream 9 in Japan. The former baseball slugger with two celebrity boxing matches under his belt and zero MMA fights, is taking on 7-foot-2, 330-pound Hong Man Choi. Canseco says he's earned black belts in kung fu, taekwondo and muay thai. He better bring all three belts into the ring when he faces Choi and use them to choke out the huge Korean. If he actually shows up for this fight, he'll be smashed to pieces by Choi, who is a legitimate kickboxer. If that's the case, Florida isn't going to clear Canseco for a boxing match one month later.

The real shame in all of this, is that Canseco's promoter Damon Feldman claims that part of the proceeds for the boxing match are supposed to go to the John Graziano Foundation. Graziano is the poor soul who was paralyzed in the car accident with Hulk Hogan's son, Nick. Hopefully, the suckers who plunked down their money over the weekend will at least see their cash find it's way to Graziano.

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