Aoki's apology isn't enough for Sengoku organizers

There is more fallout from Shinya Aoki's arm-breaking, middle-finger-giving disappearance at Dynamite -- a Sengoku vs. Dream production -- last week. Though he apologized, World Victory Road, Sengoku's organizer, is doubting the veracity of that apology.

WVR director, Sumio Inamura condemned Aoki's flipping of the bird at the severely injured Hirota as an "erratic, unforgivable conduct" and fumed that there is not an ounce of sincerity or contrition in his apology. Inamura also demanded accountability from "those who are suspected to have incited Aoki to behave the way he did."

World Victory Road is right to come out in strong support of their fighter, Hirota. In Japan, they are in stiff competition for ratings, so a strong stance against boorish behavior could win them points amongst the more casual Japanese fans.

The more disturbing part of the statement is that Inamura wants accountability from the people who incited Aoki to act like such a thug after the fight. It's one thing for Aoki to feel the adrenaline from winning a fight; it's a completely different story is his show of disrespect was pre-arranged and encouraged by anyone having to do with the fights.

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