Antonio Banuelos awarded 'Mustache of the Night' honors

There was so much that impressed me during last night's WEC 41. The Faber/Brown fight has "fight of the year candidate" written all over it. Jose Aldo's knockout of Cub Swanson and Seth Dikun's submission both blew me away. Jens Pulver's loss, and subsequent discussion of retirement, made me tear up a bit as Pulver has long been one of my favorite fighters. But nothing amazed me more than Antonio Banuelos' mustache.

Sure, Banuelos put on a great fight with his win over Scott Jorgensen, taking the split decision. But it's that mustache that stands out as a true work of art, ranking up there with some of the greatest sports' mustaches of all time. The 'stache may also be a good luck charm for Banuelos, as he did not have it in his last fight, a loss to Manny Tapia.

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