Another Couture tries their hand at throwing leather

They're not quite the Gracie but the Couture's are starting to carve out their own little reputation as a fighting family. Ryan Couture could turn out to be a real trend setter. Aside from the legendary Brazilian family, he's probably the first fighter's kid may make a successful run as a professional fighter. The 26-year-old son of Randy Couture, the former UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champ, fights this weekend as an amateur in Las Vegas at the Orleans Hotel Casino. It's just his second fight but he's already had to handle much more media than any beginning fighter should have to to deal with as the headliner on the card carrying the Couture name.

Couture has the same quiet demeanor as his father but is cut from a different cloth on the competitive side. Don't make the mistake of thinking the kid's not a gamer but he did have his doubts early on if he wanted to devote his life to athletics like his father did. He's also getting used to this whole performing in front of people thing.

Watch Cage Writer's sitdown with the youngest Couture fighter:

He had a pretty solid amateur wrestling background finishing third in the state of Washington in high school. Couture actually stopped wrestling in college at Western Washington University and majored in math.

Couture's stepmom Kim, is expecting her third pro fight to come sometime in March.

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