On the anniversary of his death, fighters honor Tapout's Mask

A year ago today, Charles "Mask" Lewis, one of Tapout's founders, was killed in a car accident. Fighters have taken to Twitter and their personal websites to remember the man who helped them with their careers. Kenny Florian remembered Mask on Twitter, and Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone did a post filled with pictures on his site.

Members of the fight world still remember the contribution he and Tapout made to the growth of MMA. Dan "Punkass" Caldwell, a member of the Tapout crew said:

"I feel like I learned so much in that period of time with him. I just want to use that experience and use that knowledge to go out there and affect people like he would have wanted. ... That's what his intentions were when he dealt with people. It was always about affecting that person and leaving them with a positive feeling. Even if you only met someone for a minute."

In the year since his death, Lewis has been remembered by the WEC, which has "Mask" written on their cages, and the UFC, who inducted Mask into the Hall of Fame in the summer of 2009.