Anderson Silva's next opponent should be

Anderson Silva looked near unstoppable in his KO of former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin. Though he's the middleweight champion, Silva looked quite comfortable at 205 lbs. He even told Yahoo! Sports' Dan Wetzel that he would be willing to give up the middleweight title to pursue more fights at light heavyweight:

With his arm wrapped around White’s shoulder, Soares leaned in and delivered a proposition. “Spider” Silva would move permanently to light heavyweight, even if it meant the unorthodox move of giving up his middleweight belt.

“I can do that,” White smiled, a bit stunned at the offer. “I like that. We can do that.”

Talk about a game-changer! Silva moving up to the stocked light-heavyweight division could make for some fascinating fights, as well as make the middleweight division interesting again. Who should Silva face first?

Dan Henderson: Yes, this fight is at middleweight, but it should still happen. Henderson is the only person to win a round over Silva in the UFC, and Hendo is chomping at the bit for a shot at the Spider.

Lyoto Machida: Is there any fan of MMA who wouldn't want to see this fight? Machida's unorthodox, karate-based style could finally be figured out by Silva. In fact, Silva does a spot-on impression of Machida's unorthodox, karate-based style. Unfortunately, at the UFC 101 press conference, Silva said that he and Machida are good friends and will never fight.

Of course, if they refuse to fight each other, and Machida retains his belt after fighting Mauricio "Shogun" Rua at UFC 104, what will that mean for Silva in the LHW division? Will he become a gatekeeper? That doesn't seem like a good use of Silva, or a good reason for him to vacate the middleweight belt.

The economy: Silva showed that he can beat anyone, so why couldn't he repair our ailing economy? Unemployment? A lack of consumer confidence? Bah. That's no problem for the Spider.

Vitor Belfort: Now that Belfort is part of the UFC again, I'd love to see his heavy hands let loose against Silva. If he can get past Rich Franklin at UFC 103, it's a match-up we just may see.

Godzilla: No, I'm not speaking of Gabe Ruediger. I'm saying the King of Monsters, the Monster who overcame Japan. Silva could stop him!