Anderson Silva pondering retirement?

Anderson Silva is saying that he is going to retire:

" I'll retire next year, I already gave my all. I don't need to prove anything for anyone and within one year I'll put my gloves aside."

To say that I'm shocked is an understatement. Silva currently sits atop the Yahoo! Sports pound-for-pound rankings, and is one of the best fighters in MMA's short history. His well-rounded game has forced other fighters to advance their technique to merely attempt to compete with him. His retirement, if he actually follows through, would leave a definite hole in the sport.

So what does that mean for the year? Are his next fights going to be the Anderson Silva farewell tour? His next fight is against Patrick Cote at UFC 90 on October 25 in Chicago. If he is serious about retiring, Silva could make it official there.

He has talked in the past about getting in the boxing ring and could bring a cadre of fans with him. Though he has been a UFC company man, doing whatever Dana White asked of him, Silva's possible entry into the ranks of the sweet science could be a dream-come-true for the Affliction/Golden Boy partnership. Of course, he could also truly put his gloves aside, sit back, relax and enjoy some golf. I hear that's what other retired athletes like to do.

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