Is Anderson Silva the greatest of all time?

Is Anderson Silva the greatest of all time? Look at his career:

-- He is 32-4, and hasn't experienced a loss in the UFC. His last loss came via a disqualification for an illegal kick in 2006.

-- He holds the UFC record for most consecutive title defenses. With the win over Sonnen, he is up to 10.

-- 25 of his wins are by stoppage, with 19 knockouts and seven submissions.

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-- He has seven fight night bonuses, including a Knockout of the Night win for $75,000 for the win over Sonnen.

-- With wins over Forrest Griffin and James Irvin, Silva was successful at light heavyweight as well as middleweight.

Is he the greatest of all time? Where do you rank him among the best, across sports? Tell us in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter.

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