America wants ‘Mayhem’ Miller to punch Michael Bisping in the face

Maggie Hendricks

The fine folks at Ranger Up created a short film expressing a desire that is present in so many proud Americans: the wish to see Michael Bisping punched in the face.

Over the course of this season of "The Ultimate Fighter," Bisping has endeared himself to few people. His "pranks," dislike of Miller's dog, and use of a mole to try to find out inside information on his opponent add on to to tarnish the image of a man who isn't exactly loved in the U.S. as is.

Miller will get the chance to make America happy on Saturday at "The Ultimate Fighter" finale. It's been more than a year since he last fought, with his last bout a submission of Kazushi Sakuraba. Bisping's last fight was a TKO of Jorge Rivera, most remembered for how Bisping spit at Rivera's cornermen after the win. Will Miller take the win, or will the British fighter? Speak your mind in the comments or on Facebook.

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