Alistair Overeem: ‘I’m all natural’

Maggie Hendricks

UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem really wants the world to believe he is a clean fighter, even though he is currently suspended for having elevated testosterone levels before his planned fight with UFC champ Junior dos Santos.

Earlier this week, Overeem tweeted he will be back in December, but UFC executive Lorenzo Fertitta said not so fast. Overeem responded by tweeting about a drug test.

"I'm doing a drug test today to build confidence with the Nevada state athletic commission and because I respect and appreciate the UFC," Overeem wrote. "And to let junior know I am a clean fighter, I'm all natural Junior.. and I am coming for you."

Well, that's a nice gesture, Alistair, but guess what? You're supposed to be clean. You don't get any medals for testing clean on random date of your choosing. This is the equivalent of teenager cleaning the house after being grounded. Though the parents may be pleased to come home to a sparkling house, they're not going to forget about the raging party that happened there days before.

The NAC isn't going to forget about his suspension, and the UFC isn't going to forget how he derailed the main event of one of their biggest cards in 2012.

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