Alistair Overeem has a lot to do besides defend his Strikeforce belt

In an interview with the Polish Web site MMA Rocks (through Nightmare of Battle and Cage Potato), Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem says that he is too busy to worry about a war of words with Brett Rogers:

I will not comment on this, I am very busy with K-1 right now, with all the fights I have there. When there will be time to meet in the ring he will see. For now, I will not comment. I am very busy these days, i have a fight in Glory, then in DREAM.12 and after that I’ll fight in the K-1 Finals so I am very busy with training and fighting and I don’t have time for this bullshit.

He's a busy guy. Too busy, apparently, to fight in the U.S. and defend his Strikeforce belt. Cagewriter was granted an exclusive look at Overeem's to do list, and it reads like this:

1. Finish painting the house.
2. Plant tulip bulbs for the spring -- you know how we love tulips in Holland!
3. Call back Mickey Rourke about those acting lessons.
4. Apply as bouncer at nearby nightclub.
5. Finally start scrapbook about my days in PRIDE.
6. Go to Mexico to visit the Mayan ruins.
7. Two words: salsa lessons!
8. Christmas is around the corner. Better start shopping!
9. Try that new banana bread recipe.
10. Defend Strikeforce heavyweight championship belt.

See? You can't blame the man for not defending his belt. He has a lot on his plate. Never mind the fact that his continued avoidance of fighting in the U.S. looks a little odd, taking into account his considerable recent weight-gain, and never mind that he is making Strikeforce look a little silly, since he hasn't fought for them since Nov. 16, 2007, yet he is still the champ.

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