Alexander Gustafsson - Jon Jones is avoiding me

Elias Cepeda
Alexander Gustafsson [R] won't call Jon Jones scared but... (Getty Images)

Alexander Gustafsson Jimi Manuwa

Alexander Gustafsson [R] won't call Jon Jones scared but... (Getty Images)

After Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson won his last fight over Jimu Manuwa, light heavyweight champion Jon Jones posited an idea for whom he should face, assuming he beats Glover Teixeira in April.

"Why not give the winner of Alexander and [Daniel Cormier] the winner of myself and Glover?? Call me what you want but I can't be the only person who thinks that makes perfect sense," Jones tweeted.

As it turned out, subsequent sophisiticated and scientific surveys demonstrated that Jones is the only person on earth who thought that idea made sense. You see, Alexander Gustafsson controlled the first three rounds of his title fight in 2013 against Jones before nearly getting finished himself by the champ in the fourth and fifth rounds.

Many observers scored the fight three rounds to two for the Swede, yet Jones was given the decision win. Fair enough, but it certainly seemed like an immediate rematch was in order.

However, Jones did not want to fight Gustafsson again, at least not right away, and that's why Gus fought Manuwa and why Jones is taking on Teixeira.

The idea that Gustafsson would have to fight and win yet again before earning another title shot is clearly ridiculous, however, and the clever Jones was probably just showing that he is in control and not Gustafsson (whom he likely resents because so many observers thought he beat Jones) or Cormier (with whom Jones has had a feud for years). In a recent interview with BT Sport, Gustafsson said he believes that Jones is simply avoiding a second fight with him.

"Yes ... I want to see him beat Glover Teixeira because I want to take the belt from Jon Jones," Gustafsson said.

"If I look at Jon's perspective, I don't think that's strange, because he tries to avoid me ... Everyone can see that. I can see that. He does what it takes to not fight me. For myself, it doesn't make any sense. I think [Cormier] is a great fighter. I respect him, and I think he's a top contender. But I think he has to have another fight or two before he will fight for the title. The only thing that makes sense, in my mind, it's me versus Jones next."

Do you believe that Gustafsson deserves the next title shot or is your name, Jon Jones? Let us know in the comments section.

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