Alex Caceres’ thigh punch played a key role in Benson Henderson’s UFC on Fox 5 win

Maggie Hendricks

Early in Benson Henderson's decision over Nate Diaz, questions began to pop up on Twitter.

"Did Henderson just punch Diaz in the thigh?"

And then he did it again and again. The thigh jab ended up being one of Henderson's effective moves. It turns out he borrowed the move from UFC bantamweight Alex Caceres. Henderson talked about it on Fuel's post-fight show.

"I actually planned that. I've got to thank Alex Caceres on that one — he came up to the MMA Lab and he did it to me and it actually hurt. He's a 135-pounder, he weighs 150 pounds soaking wet, and he did it to me and it hurt me. I started using it and did it to my sparring partners and it hurt them. They asked me to stop because it hurt too much. It worked; I stole it from Alex and thank him very much. It was effective. You saw it against Nate Diaz and it was pretty effective. I'm always trying to add new tricks, work on my fundamentals, and get better and improve."

And that's what the best fighters always do. Georges St-Pierre added a killer jab to his repertoire before his championship win over Josh Koscheck. Anderson Silva's front kick against Vitor Belfort made one of the world's best fighters even scarier.

Henderson has been the champ since late February, but he has already figured out that to hold onto the belt, he has to grow and improve as a fighter.

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