Aftermath of Hendo-Rua: Ice packs, blood and a title shot

Maggie Hendricks

What does a 41-year-old man look like after going five rounds in a classic MMA bout that you will tell your kids about? This:

With the adrenaline of the evening still pumping, it's easy to say that Dan Henderson's tight win over Mauricio "Shogun" Rua was the best fight in UFC history. There's no quantitative way to gauge if this was better than every other fight to grace the Octagon.

But I know that this is a fight I will continue to talk about with friends, family, and complete strangers.  I know this is a fight that I feel lucky to have watched live. I know that this fight will sit on my DVR until the piece of machinery dies so that I can watch the bout again and again. I know that it covered both the canvas and Henderson's shorts in blood:

A fight like that will leave a mark on MMA fans, but it remains to be seen what Henderson's next step is. UFC president Dana White said in the post fight press conference that Henderson has secured a title shot, but timing will dictate if it's at middleweight or light heavyweight.

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