Affliction smack talk ... Dana White on steroids and Roach bets 5k

Affliction is following a good trend started by the UFC by posting some pre-fight videos similar to Dana White's vlogs. Unfortunately, the promotion must be following the lead of COO Michael D. Cohen who thinks viewers will tune in because you bash the competition. It's funny stuff but kind of pointless if the goal is to sell pay-per-views.

It is cool watching Freddie Roach and Jerry Millen make a $5,000 bet on the Andrei Arlovski-Fedor Emelianenko fight in the main event of Saturday's Affliction 2 card. Roach asks if Fedor will fight like a man, Millen responds by saying it's mixed martial arts. Then the fun begins when Tito Ortiz is brought in to lob some heavy bombs at White:

"I was flipping through 944 magazine and I see Dana there all swelled out from steroids. You look at the kettle, the kettle's black. You can't look at him any other way, the kettle's black."

The conversation turns to questioning why the UFC president has a watch endorsement deal. Ortiz says he made White famous so now girls talk to him and he drives Ferraris. The question is also posed whether White is man enough to come watch Fedor in person. Millen asks if White has the "balls" to show.

In part one of the press conference coverage, we meet some of Fedor's trainers who are just as stoic as "The Last Emporer". Oscar De La Hoya makes an appearance at the presser and doesn't look completely comfortable with the fighters he's introducing. It looks like it may take DLH some time to warm up to mixed martial arts.

Cage Writer will be ringside/cageside with live updates at both Affliction 2 on Saturday and WEC 38 on Sunday.

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