Affliction focusing on the wrong message

Affliction still hasn't learned the lesson. It shouldn't be that hard to pick up on it. EliteXC laid out the blueprint of what not to do. Yet you see Affliction making the same mistakes. Stop trying to compete head-to-head with the UFC. Be Affliction. Put on good fights and promote the hell out of the cards. Survival is based on grabbing the dollars and eyes of casual MMA fans.

Makes sense, right? Yet during the recent Affliction teleconference to preview Affliction 2 on Jan. 24, COO Michael D. Cohen wasted his time extolling the virtues of the company:

"There is no doubt in our minds that ultimately Affliction will be the Q-Tip of the mixed martial arts world. We will become the premier company when it comes to the fighters."

Click below to listen to Cohen's comments:

What's the point? Make sure you listen as PR person Kelly Swanson follows Cohen's comments with a confused tone. Cohen is directing his "guarantees" of success to 30 media guys on a conference call. He seems pre-occupied with constantly telling fans, "we're legit, we're legit." Fans buy fights, they care about the rhetoric.

Cohen also said, "many media members have said this event is destined to be the MMA event of the century." Can you name one media person/blogger who's said that? Tom Atencio clearly gets it but for some reason Cohen felt he needed to trump him several times throughout the presser. Cohen is a lawyer from the Trump camp

Just put on good fight cards, we'll be there and so will the fans.

It was also interesting to hear Atencio's refusal to give out pre-event ticket sales. When pressed on the issue by MMAJunkie's John Morgan, Atencio would not confirm or deny that reports of just 1,500 tickets sold were accurate.

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