The adventures of GSP: Searching for friends on the dais

Ahhh, here I am again. Another press conference. Another guy trying to get my pretty belt. At least this one isn't such a weirdo. He's not talking about licking my blood or killing me. Right, Thiago?

Hungry ... must make weight ... want cheeseburger ... must ... make ... weight.

OK. Thiago doesn't want to talk to me. Is there anyone else worth talking to?

OK, no. Those two are weird. They might be weirder than B.J. They both have guns and want to shoot me. Who else is up here?

I am not impressed by their performance. I guess I'm all alone up here. No clown to keep me entertained. What will I do? Who will entertain me?

Ah, yes! He is bound to say something ridiculous.

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