Adventures of BJ and GSP: Who has the better belt?

GSP: Don't you guys think that my belt is better than BJ's?

It's the same belt, idiot.

He thinks it's the same belt. It is not the same belt. Why would he want this belt if it were the same belt and he already has a belt just like this one? Does his belt show off my beautiful blue eyes? Does his belt make him a snappy dresser, like me? Therefore, my belt is better. Right, Lyoto?

(Lyoto avoids question.)


(Lyoto throws a back kick at GSP, and then leaves the podium.)

Da-NA. Lyoto ran off.

Will you f***in morons shut the f*** up? I'm trying to tell the world about f***in UFC Gyms!


Why are you talking over there, Georges? Everyone knows you're a quitter. I will fight to the death. I will lick your blood off my gloves. Right, Thiago?

Dude, that's weird. The blood, and murder talk is just a little odd. We all know you want to win. You ran a rock underwater, and that was cool and all, but seriously? The blood-licking thing is just bizarre.

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