Actor Kevin James will star as an MMA fighter in upcoming film

Kevin James is a big backer of the UFC and pals with Randy Couture. He's trained MMA in the past with Couture and several other stars of the game. Now he wants to bring more attention to the sport by bringing it to the silver screen. From The Wrap:

Sony has announced that "Grown Ups" star Kevin James will re-team with the studio for an untitled movie set in the world of mixed martial arts.

James will play a physics teacher whose school is facing drastic budget cuts. In order to earn money to save his best friend's job and the music program that his students hold dear, he moonlights as an MMA fighter, and ultimately winds up doing battle in the UFC.

The video features Couture and James sparring back in 2006. "The Natural" is probably taking it easy on the big fella, but James doesn't look like a clown either. According to several reports on the Internet, James wrestled and played football in high school.

The 45-year-old actor now appears to be around 5-foot-8, 250 pounds. So when he steps into the Octagon, which real fighter should he face?

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