Abe Lincoln, mixed martial artist?

Today is President Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday, and in recognition of this great day, I have just one question to ask. Would Lincoln have made a good mixed martial artist?

As a young man, Lincoln's strength was legendary. He earned the reputation of a log splitter came not just because he did that to make a few extra dollars but because of his skills with an axe. But many fighters who have been subbed by men weaker and smaller than them will attest that strength can only take you so far.

That leads to wondering about the sixteenth president's skills, and frankly, his skills were not only as a brilliant diplomat and orator. He won a wrestling match against Daniel Needman, a widely-known grappler in Illinois, and like many other wrestlers, Honest Abe could have made the transition into MMA.

His height -- at 6'4", he was our tallest president -- and slight frame leads me to believe that he would fight welterweight, and resemble Dustin Hazelett as a fighter. Lincoln would have a reach advantage over most opponents, and could use that axe-swinging strength in striking. Plus, his grappling skills would help defend takedowns so he could keep the fight on his feet.

The official Cagewriter conclusion is that yes, Lincoln could have beat down any opponent, in the cage, ring or White House.

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