[VIDEO] Most extreme sport ever: Full Contact Skydiving

Elias Cepeda
Ever punch someone in the head...in the air? (FullContactSkydiving.com)

Full Contact Skydiving

Ever punch someone in the head...in the air? (FullContactSkydiving.com)

Ever watch a skydiving video or an MMA fight video and think, 'wow, those guys and girls are crazy. I'd never do that,'? Well, here at Cagewriter we can relate more to the desire to get in a ring or cage and fight for sport than we can to jumping out of planes recreationally, but apparently now there's no need to choose between the two adrenaline rushes.

In the video above, former MMA world champion Urijah Faber coaches skydivers in what would have to be considered one of the most extreme, and stupid, sports of all time - Full Contact Skydiving. The whole concept is a ruse, but still, it's a funny, good watch.

The stuff out of action movies, Faber coaches skydivers on how to fight one another in the air, as they hurtle towards earth and blinding speeds. "Fan out, guys. Work on your fan out," Faber coaches, hilariously. 

"The biggest weapon in the air, is gravity."

Indeed. Check out these nut-jobs actually jump out of planes and engage in a "savage ballet," in the air.

Here's the question - If it were a real thing, would you do Full-Contact Skydiving?

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