[VIDEO] Mike Tyson forces Dana White out of plane seat

Elias Cepeda

UFC president Dana White likes to travel in style, and that often means a private jet. However, White recently got woken up in rude fashion on said jet by one of the few people in the fight world who can actually make him shake with fear - Mike Tyson.

As you see in the video above, which White posted on Instragram, Uncle Dana is resting peacefully until he gets smacked on the chest by someone telling him to move. "B..bbut, I like this seat," White says.

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"I like it better," the gruff but high-pitched voice says back, prompting White to get up and change seats. "Kid Dynamite" himself then takes White's seat and gets settled with a neck pillow.

Check out the good-natured goof video above and let us know what you'd do if Mike Tyson approached you on a plane, demanding your seat. Other than urinating on yourself, of course.

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