Fed up Rockies fan wants Dinger the purple dinosaur extinct

·Yahoo Sports Contributor

If one Colorado Rockies fan has their way, Dinger — the spastic purple dinosaur who has annoyed millions over the years at Coors Field — will become the newest fossil exhibit at the local natural history museum.

In a letter sent to the Denver Post, the angered fan makes the following claims against the tinted triceratops:

1. Dinger's antics are not creative nor funny. Check.

2. Dinger is a narcissistic creature who gets in the way of the game and "wants to be his own show." Check. And most in Colorado would tell you this also applies to Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels.

3. Dinger is fat and promotes a poor-health lifestyle for kids. He is a large dinosaur, yes. But would a dinosaur of any kind necessarily promote better health? Dinosaurs were large. They ate a lot. Not necessarily their fault.

The Daily Blend at NESN.com adds to the story, mentioning a Dinger run-in with a Rockies announcer and accusations of distracting opposing pitchers when he sits behind home plate in the ninth inning.

Not a whole lot of positives to be found here.

As a Colorado Rockies fan, I pretty much fall in line with the person who wrote the letter. In basketball, it's fine. They can entertain on the court during timeouts. They are often athletic and perform gymnastic maneuvers that appeal to all demographics.

But in baseball, it's just unnecessary. Especially when your mascot looks like Barney.

I know we're in World Series mode this week, but I'm wondering what you think. Do you believe mascots in baseball are pointless? Or is Dinger just a rare extreme case of overbearing, overzealous and obnoxious mascot behavior?

In other words, should World Series mascots like Lou Seal and Rangers Captain be placed on the protected species list?