'Elmer Fudd' caps become hip during cold and wet World Series

Even if the actual game remains in limbo, at least there's already been one winner declared from Monday's suspended World Series game.

With temperatures plummeting and a cold rain falling at Philly's Citizens Bank Park, some of the Phillies and Rays players opted for the "Elmer Fudd" look, wearing specially made caps with built-in ear flaps.

As one might have expected, the team from Florida leaned toward the warm comfort a little more with Carl Crawford, B.J. Upton, Jason Bartlett and Evan Longoria sporting them on the field and manager Joe Maddon (right) wearing one in the dugout. Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins, meanwhile, wore them for the Phillies.

The caps are manufactured by New Era, baseball's official cap supplier. They came out during this year's spring training but weren't used on the field until Monday — on baseball's biggest stage, no less. (Fun fact: In the Midwest, they're called "Stormy Kromers.")

With a curious national audience looking on, there's no doubt in my mind they'll be a hot winter-time item, especially in Philadelphia (though not as much in St. Petersburg). New Era's website has no details on how to order one, but it's most likely only a matter of time until we can.

There are, after all, only 59 shopping days left until Christmas.

What do you think of baseball's "Elmer Fudd" hats? Yay or nay?