Rays' Crawford bruised but OK after errant pickoff strikes groin

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This post isn't for the faint of heart, but Baltimore's Jake Arrieta(notes) absolutely nailed Carl Crawford(notes) on a pickoff attempt in the first inning of Tuesday night's wild game.

Nailed him right in the groin, as you can unfortunately tell from the screencap above.

Crawford was sent to the hospital on what he said was his first ambulance ride where doctors diagnosed a — let's all wince together, fellas — testicular contusion. He was back in the clubhouse by the time the Baltimore Orioles had won 11-10 in 13 innings against the Tampa Bay Rays.

"Right now, it's real sore," Crawford said. "But the doctor said [there] wasn't [any] damage or nothing like that. I don't know how long the pain is going to be there. I'm guessing I'll probably take a day off."

The crowd at Camden Yards gasped collectively when a replay was shown in the park. Men everywhere probably felt a disturbance in the masculine force when Arrieta's errant-yet-also-precise throw hit Crawford in the most sensitive of areas.

Watch Crawford get hit

"It caught me square, right there," Crawford said. "It couldn't have hit in a better spot."

Crawford, as he writhed in pain on the ground near first base, was tagged out by Ty Wigginton(notes). He lay on the ground for a few minutes before gingerly walking off the field.

It probably would not have hurt so much if Crawford had worn a protective cup.

But he doesn't.

"I don't wear a cup," Crawford said. "Never wore a cup. I do too many moves to wear a cup."

That takes a lot of ... gumption, C.C. He's not alone, of course, among those who go commando in the majors, but that doesn't make it wise.

When he saw Crawford — a high school quarterback recruited to play for Nebraska — doubled over in pain, Wigginton knew it was an unique moment.

"Carl Crawford is one of the toughest guys I've ever played with," Wigginton said. "He's a true gamer, and if that guy don't bounce up, it's not good."

But bounce back Crawford did. And, no, he's not going to start wearing a cup, either. Crawford figures what happened was freaky enough.

"It won't happen again," Crawford said.

What a ballsy guarantee.