Exclusive! Video of raccoon running wild at Rays spring training

By now, many of you have read about the rascally raccoon who both delighted and terrified those in attendance before today's Rays-Red Sox game in Port Charlotte, Florida.

But how many of you have seen the commotion it caused among the scrambling staff and the entertainment it provided to guys like Joe Maddon and Don Zimmer on the field below?

Luckily, Big League Stew fought through one security guard who was overly concerned for our safety — we don't worry about getting rabies while we're gathering news, ma'am! — to document a particularly harrowing part of the hunt.

As Charlotte Sports Park staffers close in with a batting net and a David sunflower seeds bucket, make sure to pay special attention to the audio. Yes, the same woman who tries to prevent us from doing our jobs in the name of "safety" later advises one of the workers to "grab its tail."

And while the raccoon escapes this episode by executing a Kimble-style leap from the top of the stands (listen for the crowd's cries!), rest assured that it was later caught, fried and eaten by a few members of the day's umpiring crew.

(OK, so it was a little more humane than that.)

Anyway, what are you waiting for? Follow the jump for the film!

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