I, Zim Bear: This Rays giveaway is terrifying

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Bobbleheads beware: There's a new memorabilia item in town and it poses a risk to your status as the greatest of giveaways.

No, seriously: What you're looking at is the "Zim Bear" that the Tampa Bay Rays plan to hand out to fans attending the June 29 game against the Detroit Tigers at Tropicana Field.

Yes, it's half-crusty old coach Don Zimmer, half-cuddly teddy bear and 100 percent terrifying. It's really not too hard to imagine this fella subjugating and ruling over a score of bobbles  —  Lotso Bear in "Toy Story 3"-style — once the lights go down in your fan cave.

Honestly, though, it's a pretty cool giveaway on a Rays list that's full of them (the Evan Longoria Game 162 walkoff figurine is particularly sweet). Kudos to the team for thinking up such a neat and buzzworthy item.

I now hereby claim that I will pay $50 to anyone who attends this game and sends me their Zim Bear — plus an extra $50 if you're able to snap a picture of Pedro Martinez cuddling it before you ship it my way.

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