Young Rangers fan cries after oblivious neighbors keep baseball for themselves

Although there probably should be, there is currently no federal or local law that says you have to immediately hand over a baseball to a nearby toddler who was also reaching for it.

But the video above shows why it's a good idea to just do it anyway: If you act completely oblivious to the child's cries and carry on with your special lady friend — as this adult fan did at the Rangers-Yankees game on Wednesday night — there's a chance your apparent self absorption will land you on every highlight show and blog before you even leave the park.

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Not to mention earn you an extensive tongue-lashing from Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay, which is arguably the biggest indignity of them all.

Luckily for our little buddy, someone in the Rangers dugout was good enough to eventually toss him a different baseball and turn his night around. Still, l don't think that nice offering is going to get our Romeo and Juliet off the hook in the eyes of those who watched the slight go down. Perhaps they have a good reason for keeping the ball — a kid of their own, perhaps? — but it certainly didn't look like they bothered to explain anything to anyone.

Smile folks, you're on one of the world's busiest websites!

UPDATE: The couple has spoken and they want an apology from Michael Kay.

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