Young fan writes adorable letter trying to recruit Jose Bautista to the Texas Rangers

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One day, if Billy Cantrell turns out to be an MLB general manager, we'll all look back and laugh at the letter he sent Jose Bautista in the 2013 offseason. He showed early signs of his future self, we'll say. It will be like his Brandon Crawford moment.

Cantrell — a youngster based on the handwriting, but we're not sure exactly how old — wrote to Bautista, trying to convince him to join the Texas Rangers. The kid assessed Bautista's value at $80 million over four years, which is better than the $14 million Bautista makes now. Bautista isn't a free agent, so he can't just up and leave the Toronto Blue Jays, but he was tickled enough by the letter, to share it on Instagram:

MLB's Cut 4 blog did the transcribing on this, here it goes:

You are a good player if you could stay healthy. Maybe you just need another city to play in. You should try the Rangers. They need another big bat and you could be that man.

David Murphy got his chance to play every day and he struggled, and I think his contract ran out. Maybe 4 years and $80 million. At least think about it.

I was saying get Jose while the season was still going. The Rangers still have some areas to work on.

Thanks for your time.

"If you could stay healthy" ... shrewd, kid, shrewd.

As for David Murphy, ouch. Perhaps he can expect a letter from Billy explaining why hitting .220 a season after hitting .304 is unacceptable.

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