Young fan with cancer uses bluntly worded sign to encourage Phillies to beat Astros (Photo)

David Brown
Big League Stew

This might be the most Philadelphia thing in the history of sports, at least when it comes to fans. A young person, presumably one who has battled cancer, brought a colorful sign to the Phillies-Astros game in Houston on Thursday that said, in part:

"Phillies: If I can BEAT CANCER, You can beat the Astros!"

No pressure, right? Of course, the Phillies did not come through for the young fan, falling to the worst team in the league by a 6-4 score. C'mon, Phillies! Is that any way to celebrate Childhood Cancer Month? Jeez.

It takes a certain kind of attitude — one frequently found in Philly — to show up at the ballpark and make passive-aggressive demands to your team in the midst of your cancer treatments. Will the Phillies get their act together and comply Friday night against the Astros? Don't count on them for anything, kid. But I hope you continue to kick cancer's butt.

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