New York Yankees to honor Boston by playing ‘Sweet Caroline’ during Tuesday’s game

Mike Oz

Here's something that proves even bitter rivals feel for each other in a time of tragedy: The New York Yankees will play Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" after the third inning of Tuesday's game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

That's significant, because "Sweet Caroline" sing-alongs are a Fenway Park tradition. This would be sacrilege in the Bronx if not for what happened Monday in Boston.

The Yankees are also planning a moment of silence for the victims of Monday's bombing. Playing "Sweet Caroline," though, feels like an appropriate gesture by the Yankees, a tactful salute to Boston and its people without doing something that comes off as a cheap PR stunt.

This says, "You're hurting right now. We've been there too. We're not the best of friends, but we respect you and what you're going through."

It's kind of like the baseball version of this picture that's been making the rounds on the Web. It was shot Monday night outside of the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It's a small gesture, with its heart in the right place.

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