New York team finally gives in, hires Gary Carter as manager

Over the past season, there were few stories more embarrassing to their subject than when Gary Carter publicly campaigned for the Mets' managing job — yes, even while Willie Randolph was still occupying the spot. Thing is, it wasn't the first time Carter had staged such a distasteful "play." He did the exact same thing during the final days of Art Howe.

Luckily, the independent Long Island Ducks — great name — have finally heard Carter's boasts he'd make a great manager and given him a job.

And since the Hall of Fame catcher will likely be too busy chasing away fourth-rate groupies from fourth-rate ballplayers in '09, I'm assuming that my man Jerry Manuel won't be bothered by any unsolicited advice should the Mets' season again head south.

Or will he? In delivering his opening remarks on Monday, he apparently still felt the need to take a shot at two players who occupy the New York spotlight that he once he did.

From Newsday:

"I'm not sure how much the Alex Rodriguezes and the Derek Jeters will want one day to continue on like this. I know they both love the game. But are they going to want to go through this kind of process? Probably not."

We get it, Gary. You're the greatest baseball man in the history of baseball men. No one is more qualified, owns more experience or is as dedicated as you. If there were ever a man to lead the Ducks against the Bridgeport Bluefish, it is you.

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