New York Post: Derek Jeter uses alias ‘Philip’ for coffee at Starbucks

David Brown
Big League Stew

"Derek Sanderson Jeter," it reads on the birth certificate. Nowhere does it say "Philip," the name on the cup of coffee New York Post paparazzi agents recently caught Jeter with as he left a Starbucks in Greenwich Village, New York. He had a look of, "Oh, seriously?" on his face as the photog went to town on his mug.


(Oh, The Post. It's not only their fault. It's ours too. I mean, what if they were staking Jeter out to see who his girlfriend might be? Now that's the important stuff, we all can agree.)

It makes sense that Jeter would want to avoid publicity when possible, being perhaps the most famous person in New York City and constantly besieged by strangers. But that's the thing: Just about everyone recognizes him, so would giving a fake name to Starbucks have any effect? And, as The Post points out, players use fake names when checking into hotels all of the time. Restaurant reservations, sure, unless being "Derek Jeter" helps make them happen. But a coffee shop?

"Oh, I thought you might have been Derek Jeter, but since the barista called 'Philip' and you got the coffee, I'm not going to approach you now."

Unless that's not what's happening. Derek Jeter could be getting coffee for teammate Phil Hughes. What a swell guy! Say, how's his broken ankle doing?

Not so great. Jeter, 39 in June, won't be back on the field soon. But, one of his replacements, Reid Brignac, recently spoke to the New York Daily News about Jeter being an idol of his growing up.

"Jeet's probably the biggest role model for kids," Brignac said. "He was for me. To be able to play with him and several guys in this clubhouse, it's an honor."

That's great, kid. Now get Cap'n Jeets some coffee!

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