Yoenis Cespedes nearly gets beaned, hits go-ahead homer on next pitch

A memo to opposing pitchers on behalf of Yoenis Cespedes: Don't. Don't try to buzz him off the plate with a high-and-tight pitch. Don't try to rattle him by throwing close to his head. Just don't. You're only going to make him better.

Cincinnati Reds relief pitcher Jonathan Broxton learned this the hard way and paid dearly Tuesday night in the Boston Red Sox's 3-2 win over the Reds.

Cespedes came to bat with two outs in the eighth inning and a runner on base. The Red Sox were down 2-1. We know Cespedes, the two-time reigning Home Run Derby champ, is absolutely able to hit the ball out of the yard, which is partially why Broxton started with the mind games on the first pitch.

Here's Broxton's brush-back and Cespedes' reaction:

At this point, it's no surprise what happened next: Cespedes hit the very next pitch 430 feet for a two-run homer that was eventually the game-winner for the Red Sox.  Buzzing a batter like that might work sometimes, but Cespy don't play that.

After the game, he told reporters, including Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe:

“A lot of times pitchers think that when you get a pitch thrown high and tight on you like that, you’re going to back off and get a little flustered,’’ Cespedes said. “But that’s not how I am. I was able to focus myself even more after that pitch.”

Take note, pitchers. Broxton just helped you all learn a lesson. Playing games with Cespedes might seem like a good idea, but don't.

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