Yeah, that Lincecum bobblehead? It's not made with real hair

Thursday, the Stew reported on the upcoming Tim Lincecum(notes) bobblehead doll giveaway the San Francisco Giants are planning for July 17.

The hook came via a tweet from the team's official Twitter account:

"6 @sfgiants bobbleheads in 2010. Including Lincecum on July 16. Featuring real hair. Yes. I said real hair. But not Tim's."

We asked the Giants if this was true and not some April Fool's joke.

They tweeted back:

"No not an april fools joke. That was announced on March 31st!"

Well it might not have been an intentional prank, but it also turns out the original promise of real is not true.

After checking with the team again Friday afternoon, the Giants story now is that the doll will have hair like that of a baby doll.

"It's synthetic hair," promotions coordinator Becky Biniek said. "It's not real human hair or Tim's hair. It's real in that it's separate from the bobblehead, like a wig."

Somebody play a sad trombone.

Usually, hair on bobbleheads is made of the same plastic resin as the rest of the toy. I recall a Moochie Norris bobblehead from his days with the Houston Rockets that sported a doll's hair. So this is not a fresh idea.

(Another misunderstanding: The "6" in the original tweet does not indicate the number of Timmy dolls that will have hair, but the number of bobblehead giveaways in total the Giants are having this season. I am so done with this topic.)

The Giants still claim it's not an April Fool's joke. Whatever, I'm done with them for a while. I'm hopeful it's just a misunderstanding and not something worse that would reflect even more poorly on them.

We made the mistake of assuming "real" could mean human. That's understandable. They made the mistake of assuming that "real" could mean "synthetic." That is much less understandable.

Sorry to, in turn, mislead all of you.

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