Yasiel Puig scores from second base on 3-1 groundout in eventful night at Coors Field

In the same game Yasiel Puig suffered a bruised hip and thigh in a violent collision with the right field fence at Coors Field, the Los Angeles Dodgers rookie created another must see highlight that would have been the talk of the evening had the injury not occurred.

It happened right away in the first inning of their eventual 10-8 victory over the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday. With Puig on second base, Adrian Gonzalez at the plate and one out in the inning, Gonzalez would hit a grounder to Rockies first baseman Todd Helton that was temporarily mishandled and then turned into an out with pitcher Tyler Chatwood covering at the bag.

In most cases, that goes in the scorebook as a simple 3-1 with Puig advancing to third. However, as that was developing behind him, Puig's wheels were turning and they never stopped. As he approached the bag, he only broke stride briefly to glance across the diamond (who needs a third base coach?) and then turned on the afterburners around third in an attempt to score on the play.

It was actually a bad idea. Tyler Chatwood's throw home had him beat by several feet, but the gamble paid off anyway as catcher Wilin Rosario completely whiffed on the catch. Now it's a 3-1 with an E-2 on the side. That means no RBI is credited to Gonzalez — it would have been a gift anyway — but it certainly goes down as another wow play for Puig and a run created that may not have scored otherwise.

Of course that doesn't necessarily mean it was a smart play. With two outs in the inning and the red hot Hanley Ramirez (4 for 5, home run on Wednesday) due up next, the percentages and baseball logic would suggest to play if safe. Right now, though, Puig is defying both on an almost daily basis, so until that air of invincibility wears off — or is physcially forced out of him — count on seeing more of the risks that continue turning into must see highlights.

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