Yasiel Puig hits grand slam in video game with real Yasiel Puig at controls

David Brown
Big League Stew

It's not the real-life Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants like over the weekend, and it's only virtual Yasiel Puig hitting a simulated grand slam, but the real deal is at the video-game controls, playing himself. Puig can be heard screaming "¬°Aleluja!" (hallelujah!) after he takes fake Rex Brothers of the bogus Colorado Rockies over the make-believe fence at fabricated Dodger Stadium.

The best part is what looks like a phony Walt Weiss, Rockies manager, reacting in mock disgust by putting his reproduced arms over his artificial head. Going to Brothers seemed like the right play.

To think: Brothers isn't particularly vulnerable to right-handed batters; if fact, he's got reverse splits this season. He's actually a lot tougher on righties. But that's in real life. This is just Yasiel's video game world.

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