Yasiel Puig destroys TBS camera in latest splashy celebration from the Dodgers

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The Los Angeles Dodgers sure know how to make a splash in their celebrations. First it was "poolgate" — the Dodgers pool party in Arizona after winning the NL West. Then on Monday night, when the Dodgers closed out their NLDS series with the Atlanta Braves, the splash came from Yasiel Puig and a cooler of Gatorade.

The victim was Game 4 home-run hero Juan Uribe. TBS mic man Craig Sager was interviewing Uribe and got wet too. But Sager's colorful suit wasn't the most high-priced piece of collateral damage. That turned out to be TBS' camera.

Puig — being all young and reckless — also doused the camera with Gatorade. We're not talking about your iPhone either, kids. These fancy cameras cost upward of $50,000. Tsk, tsk, Yasiel. Now go sit in the corner while baseball's old guard lectures you some more.

At least all of us at home were treated to the trippy image above of Uribe and Sager, looking like they were coming to us from the early years of color TV.

Here's the other angle of the splash:

Since this is the Dodgers we're talking about, we can go to TMZ for the aftermath. It has the gossipy scoop on that camera, other broken cameras and who foots the bill:

Well-placed sources connected with the Dodgers tell TMZ, broken cameras are all part of the drill during a celebration. As one source put it, "TBS would never approach us for that. It's all part of the celebration."

What's more, one well-placed Dodgers source tells TMZ ... other cameras were broken in the locker room during the champagne celebration and nobody from the outside saw it happen ... but no one is complaining.

Did anybody talk to Craig Sager before throwing statements such as "no one is complaining?" Helllllo. Mr. Sager is not a man who plays when it comes to his suit game.

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