Yasiel Puig angrily tosses his bat after hitting fly ball, nearly hits Matt Kemp

Well, that was almost one way to fix the logjam in the Los Angeles Dodgers outfield.

Yasiel Puig, the unpredictable young L.A. star, had another of those eye-roll moments Tuesday night in the Dodgers' 4-2 win against the Atlanta Braves. Puig was angry in the third inning after skying a lazy fly ball into right field. So he yelled something and threw his bat back toward the dugout, nearly hitting teammates Matt Kemp in the on-deck circle. Bad Puig! 

Puig is known for his extravagant bat flips, but this wasn't one of those. This was a straight-up bat throw, and by comparison, a simple bat flip would have been preferred. We know what kind of arm Puig has. He could legitimately hurt someone.

Playing too hard and being too emotional on the field have hurt Puig before. But to some degree, you can excuse an aggressive young player who wants to take an extra base when he senses opportunity. But you can't excuse hurting a teammate, particularly a teammate who has been playing as well as Kemp has lately for the Dodgers.

Every wannabe Don Mattingly fed up with Puig and his antics will be tsk-tsking him again. And there's not much room to defend Puig. This was a dumb thing to do. But if you'll excuse us, we're going to wait in the corner until the Puig Outrage Machine passes.

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